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This program is offered to girls 8-11 years old.  Girls will have the opportunity to experience a variety of activities such as volleyball, yoga, badminton, fitness training, dance and so much more! We will explore proper nutrition, key factors to leading a healthy lifestyle and overall health and wellness issues.  We want to continue to empower young girls to be the best version of themselves! Our program will focus on fitness, wellness and nutrition. Our aim is to educate girls to be strong in body and mind by developing a positive attitude toward fitness, increasing confidence and developing healthy eating habits.  Check out this adorable video on the importance of Physical Literacy!

​Physical Health

Physical Health is important in your life because when you physically look good, you feel good about yourself and want to continue living a healthier lifestyle. Your body needs physical activity to strengthen your organs, intake more oxygen, build more bone mass, and create lean muscle. Exercise will help your mood be more positive and help rejuvenate your whole body.

Nutritional Health

Nutritional Health plays a key role in your overall well being from your mental health to your physical health. What you put in your body determines how you and your body will react and feel. Putting live foods in your body can help you feel energized, helps with regular digestion, and helps the organs and body operate more efficiently, like a well oiled machine. Eating healthy and raw foods actually takes less time and effort then preparing cooked meals, its just a matter of stocking up on fresh produce and getting comfortable and used to eating vegetables. Taking care of your nutritional health is more important than exercise. If you put good things inside your body the outcome will be good things.

Mental Health

You should want to be happy for yourself, love yourself and be living your best life now. Its important to surround yourself with positive energy, love, and friendships. Creating strong relationships, helping others, and expressing gratitude and love all contributes to great mental health and combats depression. As well as proper nutritional health and regular exercise your mental health will be in good shape. Your mental health also benefits from regular exercise which creates endorphins, nature’s happy pill. Having raw foods in your diet clears the mind and toxic waste from your body which results in good positive spirits.

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