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Girls On The Go began in 2006 as both of us saw a need for this type of camp. Most importantly, since we are both parents of young girls we found that there was nothing available as a day camp that involved a multi-sport approach to learning about leading an active, healthy lifestyle. As Physical Education Specialists both of us wanted to provide this opportunity for girls, our own included! Thus, for the first 4 years we had only offered this camp to the girls that we teach in our school that are in Grades 3, 4 and 5.  We had such an overwhelmingly positive response to this camp that we decided to expand and offer this camp to all girls in Red Deer in this age group. As research shows one of the most important things for children of this age is to be exposed to a wide variety of activities that promote the development of fundamental movement skills. These skills in turn are the building blocks from which children develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to lead a healthy lifestyle. During our Girls On The Go summer camp, participants take part in everything from yoga, dance, volleyball, tennis, badminton and swimming to learning how to make their own healthy snacks, crafting and meeting new friends. Girls on the Go aims to teach young girls about how to lead a healthy lifestyle and to develop positive self esteem and leadership skills through a fun, nurturing environment.  


Instructor Biographies


Jackie Weddell has taught Physical Education for the past 20 years.  She graduated from the University of Alberta as a PE Specialist.  She has worked as a camp counsellor, a coach of many sports as well as a community volunteer for organizing local sporting events. Jackie truly values the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle and is involved in running, soccer and volleyball.  Jackie, her husband and her two children are all very active in a variety of sports. 


Cori Bussard is a Physical Education Specialist at Holy Family School. She has been a Recreation Director, a lifeguard, a swim instructor and a coach of various sports. She is committed to living a healthy, active lifestyle and participates in activities such as running, soccer, obstacle course events and fitness training. She has two children who are also very active in community sports and she makes it a priority to be a positive role model not only for her own children, but her students as well. 

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